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Grow as a technical leader whilst bringing unmatched clarity to once impossible challenges

Why work at QuantumBlack?

We bring together the brightest data scientists, engineers and designers to tackle problems facing the world’s most influential organisations.

QuantumBlack teams work in multi-disciplinary environments harnessing data to provide real-world impact.

Our projects range from helping pharmaceutical companies bring lifesaving drugs to market quicker to optimising a Formula1 car’s performance.

At QuantumBlack you have the best of both worlds; all the benefits of being part of one of the top management consultancies globally plus the autonomy to thrive in a fast growth tech culture.

We’re different and we’re proud of it.

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Our values

  • Real world impact icon

    Real-World Impact

    Solving problems across diverse sectors

    No project is ever the same; we work across multiple sectors, providing unique learning and development opportunities internationally.

    Our work draws on applying cutting edge research from academia and industry to real-life business opportunities.

    Examples of our impact:

    • Saving lives

      Bringing potentially life saving drugs to market faster by helping a pharma company drastically decrease clinical trial times.

    • Keeping people connected

      Improving telecoms networks up-time through predictive maintenance and optimisation.

    • Improving elite performance

      Helping professional athletes avoid injuries and working with racing teams to improve sports car performance.

  • Fusing tech and leadership icon

    Fusing Tech & Leadership

    We develop tech leaders

    Apart from working with the latest technologies and methodologies, as part of McKinsey & Company we offer first class learning programmes at all levels. No other tech companies boast the development capabilities that we do being part of the McKinsey group.

    We work on projects with clients from all over the world, allowing you to enhance your global network and exposure.

    We work with you to achieve your professional goals providing the platform for deep specialists to become leaders in their field and in wider business.

    Some of our industry keynote speeches include:

    • The Female Quotient at SXSW debating the future of AI and getting more women into STEM careers.

    • Mobile World Congress to discuss the future of AI and the impact on work.

    • Hosting a 300 person workshop at Web Summit discussing Explainable AI.

  • Multidisciplinary work culture icon

    Multidisciplinary Work Culture

    Collision and collaboration

    Our teams include data scientists, engineers, project managers, UX and visual designers. You will be part of a specialist guild allowing you to hone your craft, whilst interacting regularly with practitioners from other fields in an agile environment.

    Examples of this include data science coffee sessions – our weekly gatherings for data scientists with external speakers discussing recent leading papers – and a Tech Talk series.

    In addition to modern workplaces, we are health and wellness-focused; from yoga classes to sleep clinics and nutrition seminars, we promote a healthy work-life balance. We prioritise the highest quality of work, not the longest work weeks.

  • Flexible career tracks icon

    Flexible Career Tracks

    Develop your career in the way you want

    Our growth alongside McKinsey means you will have the option of different career tracks.

    Whether you want to become a thought-leader in a specific technical field, a people leader or move to McKinsey career tracks, you can take advantage of the McKinsey global network to seek the opportunities you are looking for.

    With offices in the UK, North and South America, Australia and India we provide global opportunities.

  • Striving for diversity icon

    Striving for Diversity

    Recognising the benefits of a diverse team and leading from the front

    Everyone here recognises the benefits of working with people from different backgrounds. We are an inclusive company with colleagues from over 40 nationalities.

    You can read more about why our group believes that diversity matters here . We encourage people from non-traditional academic backgrounds to apply.

    Being at the forefront of the Data Science field and a McKinsey company, we have a responsibility to promote and embody a diverse community. We recognise we can always do more but we are proud to be part of an award-winning organization for workplace diversity , supporting initiatives such as LeanIn.

  • Ethics and trust icon

    Ethics & Trust

    We are passionate to be applying machine learning and AI solutions, and we embrace the responsibility that comes with it

    We drive discussions surrounding the economic impact of AI and its associated ethical questions, as you can read on our Medium blog.

    Data is the lifeblood of any modern organisation, and trust is the currency of our engagements with clients.

    We strive to maintain the highest levels of data handling, governance and information security with our clients. Nothing is more important to us.

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