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Grow as a technical leader whilst bringing unmatched clarity to once impossible challenges

Why work for us

We bring together the most talented data scientists, engineers and designers to tackle tough business challenges. Our teams work in close collaboration to create unparalleled solutions in an environment that offers the freedom and opportunity to reach your highest level.

  • Interdisciplinary teams

    Our data scientists, engineers, and designers come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. We believe such diversity allows for the the brightest ideas and minds to thrive.

  • Leading insights

    Top-performing organisations know how to capture data and transform it into intelligent decisions. We focus on bringing clients revolutionary insights through leading technologies and the greatest minds.

  • Exciting career paths

    The combination of our fast growth and access to McKinsey’s expansive network around the world will accelerate your career development and open up a wide array of opportunities.

  • Training opportunities

    To be the best, you must continuously improve and outlearn your rivals. Our experts enjoy access to conferences and learning courses to stay current on the latest analytics tools and methodologies.

  • R&D

    Our experts from all teams come together regularly to share insights, tackle new problems, and innovate processes. Because innovation relies not just on the leading technology and techniques but also on the most creative minds, this leads to exceptional results.

  • Work-life balance

    We believe creativity, insight, and passion come from balanced, happy people. We encourage our people to start a ping-pong tournament, take an exercise break, or work from home. We strive for the highest quality of work and solutions, not the longest work weeks.

Current openings

Meet members of our team

  • Guilherme Braccialli

    Guilherme Braccialli

    Data Engineer

    No matter what project I’m working on, I feel like I’m helping change the world. This ranges from reducing time to market, to predicting failures in machinery, to helping the environment. Each project is driven by the need to create real and quantitative impact for a client’s business.

    Everyone here is a rockstar. They’re passionate, skilled, and professional. When you bring them all together, the number of insights you have is unbelievable. And yet, the environment is very relaxed. It’s common to see people playing ping-pong or using VR gadgets. It’s how we spark our creativity.

  • Martha Imprialou

    Martha Imprialou

    Data Scientist

    I was drawn to QuantumBlack by the very advanced level of data science I saw people doing here. I knew I would pick up a lot of technical and research skills, but I’m also learning about engaging audiences, creating a collaborative environment, and communicating actions and insights with clients. Since our work has very tangible impacts for clients, it’s so important to be able to communicate that.

    I’ve really enjoyed the exposure to these new skills as well as to projects outside my area of expertise. I love our pharma projects because it’s particularly groundbreaking work with lots of repercussions in research and medicine.

    We don’t have solutions that we apply to every project. Our problem-solving approach depends on people with different personalities, different skills, the ability to see problems from a different angle. We learn from the past but reapply our knowledge to create a new solution, so it’s always exciting.

  • Nikolaos Tsaousis

    Nikolaos Tsaousis

    Machine Learning Engineer

    I call myself a software engineer, and I was drawn to the way QuantumBlack combines this role with data science. Coding is my passion. Creating something that’s useful to people – say, a code that will help bring drugs to market sooner and prevent illness – this is the joy in my work. This is what brings me satisfaction.

    I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t growing and being challenged. I’m always learning new skills and top technologies at conferences, through online courses, and from my colleagues.

    Since becoming part of the McKinsey family, we’ve seen such incredible growth. And even with this rapid expansion, we’ve remained a really close team. Of course, we prioritise work, but if you can manage your time well, you can have fun in the office. And we do.

  • Stephanie Kaiser

    Stephanie Kaiser

    UX Designer

    Being a recent graduate, QuantumBlack is the perfect learning environment for me. It’s an insanely talented team, we work on diverse projects, and the culture is really supportive and collaborative. There’s really no cap to how much you can learn.

    When we come together for demo days and town halls, it feels like we’re getting the family together. These events let you see the momentum across the company and all the different ways we’re making an impact for clients. We’re having an impact in sports, infrastructure, in the automotive industry—our reach is almost unbelievable.

    And this reach means there are always new challenges. It’s hard work, but I’m never bored and I’m never alone. My mentor and the rest of the team are always willing to help. I’m just so grateful for all this support and all the opportunities to grow.

Our recruitment process

    Interview stage 1
  • 1. CV review

    Once you send us your CV and examples of your work, our technical recruiting team will assess your fit for the role.

  • 4. Initial face-to-face

    In these meetings, we will take a deeper dive into the knowledge and expertise you could bring to the team. This often takes the form of a case study or whiteboarding session. This will normally last 1-2 hours and take place via video conference or in person with 1-2 team members from the team you would be joining.

    Interview stage 2
  • 2. Phone interview

    You’ll have a 30-45 minute phone or videoconference call with a member of our recruiting team. You’ll get to ask questions and learn more about QuantumBlack, our teams, and how we work. We’ll also ask you about your experience, and perhaps pose a few competency based questions so you get the chance to show us some examples of your work and skills.

  • 5. Final face-to-face

    For the final stage you’ll have a 1-2 hour in-person interview with a team lead or manager. This will be a continuation of the last stage and is a great chance for you to get to meet with one of our leaders.

    Interview stage 3
  • 3. Technical challenge

    For some roles you will be required to undertake a technical challenge. This enables us to get a look into how you code and what methods and languages you use.