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This is the place to find out about QuantumBlack Labs. Here you’ll find out a little bit about us, our team, and the technology we’re building.

We’re an experimental team of software engineers, product managers, data scientists and designers. We create innovative products and new technologies to accelerate our work in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We use the latest ML and data engineering techniques to build software that improves the speed, impact and scale of our work.

Read on to learn more about the products we create and about life within the QuantumBlack Labs team. You might even want to apply to join the team – check out our careers page here.


Meet some of the QuantumBlack Labs team here.

Community is important to us. We regularly organise activities to maintain a strong community spirit. Here are some photos from our hosted events.

  • Meet Steph

    UX Designer

    In my role I design user-centred data visualisations and bespoke digital tools for clients.

    What’s great about QuantumBlack Labs is that we get to solve complex problems by working with amazing multi-disciplinary teams. No matter what we’re trying to solve, we always apply a user-centred design approach to our problem solving.

    I love that my job requires to work in a multi-disciplinary way, because that allows me to be constantly learning from other colleagues. There are so many different aspects to my job and that’s what makes it interesting.

  • Meet Huong

    Front-End Engineer

    My current focus is building and maintaining the visualisation for Studio. Since I joined I have had the chance to work on large complex applications using cutting edge technologies, and learnt how to work effectively in a team environment.

    Two days are never the same here and I love the culture. Every day I'm supported by colleagues and encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to learn new skills.

  • Meet Nikos

    Machine Learning Engineer

    My main task is building python libraries to help solve machine learning problems. I've had the chance to see one of my personal projects evolve to a library used by over 150 users, and now open sourced, thanks to the amazing team we built around it.

    You are trusted and expected to come up with what to build next. You work in small nimble teams which continuously adapt to solve the most pressing challenge. You get to build products which are immediately deployed to solve the most interesting problems.

  • Meet Yetu

    Product Manager

    QuantumBlack Labs is a place where I've been able to solve very challenging problems while being surrounded by team mates that constantly exceed my expectations.

    It's not often that you can say that you're living out your life's purpose through your work. I believe I was put on this earth to design things that improve people's lives and I get to do that every single day in my role. I am part of an incredible team that will change the way that we build data pipelines, look at data science in terms of ethics and fairness; and I'm part of a team that I can trust will dominate whatever they're tasked to do.

Our products

Our products are the lifeblood of QuantumBlack – they are used on all of QuantumBlack client projects.

We don’t license them, they are either open-sourced or available as part of the work we do.

Kedro icon


Kedro is a Python library that makes it easy to produce data transformation pipelines that are robust, scalable, deployable and repeatable. By providing structure for all domain-agnostic code in projects, Kedro keeps data engineers and data scientists focused on solving the right problems.

Experienced Kedro users insist that Kedro is best-practice for how teams should work when writing code that is production-ready from the beginning. It is your disciplined starting point for analytics projects.

Find Kedro on GitHub and check out our documentation.



CausalNex is an open source Python library that leverages Bayesian Networks to help data scientists to infer causation rather than observing correlation.

Find CausalNex on Github and check out our documentation.

Performance icon


Keeping track. PerformanceAI is a tool to track how models perform in production.

PerformanceAI allows teams to specify the monitoring approach, receive alerts for changes to key aspects of the model, and analyse performance issues. Save time and resources using PerformanceAI’s automated monitoring.

Use the intuitive dashboard to drill down on the metrics that drive the business, understand the root causes of alerts, and gain a high-level view of all models in the portfolio to prioritise actions to maintain performance.

Studio icon


Studio helps analytics teams execute and manage advanced analytics projects. The application makes it easy for teams to work together on key activities in the analytics value chain. You can setup and customise data engineering and data science workflows, prepare and communicate progress and productivity reports, and configure advanced data visualisations to help turn business problems into analytics queries.

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