Air pollution

Assessing the impact of air quality on city residents

Government, Healthcare

Migration to urban areas is overwhelming infrastructure and posing challenges—from overcrowding and congestion to air pollution.

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As migration to cities has exacerbated existing problems of urban centres, opportunities for organisations to offer insights and solutions have, subsequently, grown. The research arm of a £50 million centre of excellence in urban innovation wished to quickly establish its capabilities and demonstrate results. As a first step, it looked to assess the impact of air quality on city residents and present these findings to stakeholders.

Insight and Action

To help it achieve its goals, the group brought in QuantumBlack. We kick-started the initiative by embedding a team to be ‘the lab’ before a set organisation was in place. We defined and established the technical back end of the lab within three months, laying the foundation for the organisation to build internal capacity and sustain its research.

To demonstrate the value of the programme, we designed and built the first data-driven application for leadership. This application collected real-time data from a range of environmental sensors across London, and we deployed proprietary analytics to find unexpected patterns in air pollution.


  • 3Monthsinto the engagement, delivered a technical architecture prototype and in-house organisation

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