Reimagining new product development

10%reduction in time-to-market and 11% reduction in costs


Our client’s CEO needed to take cost and time out of the new product development process

  • Reducing time-to-market
  • Taking costs and risks out of the business
  • Establishing a framework for the next generation of new production development processes


Nerve™ combined data from 30 different data sources back over five years covering over 2,500 individual parts that make up a car.

We piloted on a single car platform before extending downstream through the new product development: from design to engineering to manufacturing. We then looked at scaling on to the different car models.


QuantumBlack identified an 10% reduction in time-to-market for new product development and a 11% reduction in costs within the design and engineering process.

Identified specific actionable ‘levers’ to deliver these gains in terms of team design, process design, process fragmentation and team construction.

We demonstrated predictive analytics capability to forecast on-time-delivery of parts six to nine months ahead of the current approach.

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