Clinical trials

Optimising how drugs are brought to market

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical

Drug companies experience significant variance in performance due to differing clinical trial locations, increased costs, and time lags to market.

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A global pharmaceutical business wanted to improve clinical operations as well as better monitor and manage site-level quality risks. Executives were looking to optimise clinical trial efforts, focusing on three areas: country footprint optimisation, site selection and risk modelling, and trial management and forecasting. Its overall goal was to increase clinical trial productivity by more than 10 percent.

Insight and Action

QuantumBlack was able to identify and quantify the factors that affect how drugs are tested through clinical trials. Using internal data, we helped the company optimise site selection by identifying locations that should no longer be used and those that should be prioritised in given therapeutic areas. We also created predictive models for enrollment periods and a risk score for quality based on a wide range of factors. In addition to these deliverables, we deployed an analytics platform that allows the organisation to improve site selection for clinical trials and predict time to completion of trials on an ongoing basis.


  • 15Percentfaster enrollment across its portfolio
  • 11Percentsavings in external trial costs

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