Delivery performance

Identifying opportunities to improve operating margins by 14 percent through better maintenance management

Infrastructure, Motorway Operations

Often-expansive networks or roads, bridges, and tollways pose daunting challenges for the maintenance management of infrastructure assets.

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The effective coordination and scheduling of employees and equipment fleets are critical to maintaining infrastructure and responding quickly to avoid service disruptions or long travel times. A consortium running a major motorway was seeking to optimise its approach to booking and coordinating maintenance. Its goal was to improve delivery performance in order to reduce maintenance costs and raise operating margins.

Insight and Action

To analyse the motorway’s current performance, QuantumBlack gathered and examined two years’ worth of data on asset performance and work schedulings. This analysis identified multiple opportunities to improve operational strategy and improve costs. Priority areas for improvement included enhanced bookings coordination, and a reduction in non-incident charges. We then applied heuristic-based and combinatorial optimisation algorithms to assess savings opportunities for each strategy. Last, we collated our findings into a structured savings framework and validated annualised savings figures.


  • 14Percentper annum efficiency improvement
  • £27Millionin potential savings identified over the remaining period of the contract