Global Pharmaceutical

Reducing time In clinical trials

15%reduction in time per clinical trial. 11% reduction in cost


Our client was the leader of the global development organisation who was looking to use data to radically improve how drugs are developed and brought to market.

Specifically, the goal was an 8% improvement in reducing time-to-completion within the clinical trials process.


Nerve™ combined data from multiple systems and applied proprietary analytics to identify and explain performance.

We explored 350 clinical trials back over five years, with 150,000 patients across 30,000 sites, 250 million rows of data across 170 tables, representing a total cost of approximately $2B over that time period.

By linking these complex data sets, we gave the client – for the first time – an integrated view of their data and, by design, the ability to run our powerful analytics every day in their business.


Our analytics improved clinical trial site selection and predicted time-to-completion of trials at site level, giving leadership far greater flexibility in how they managed trials at a global, country and site level.

This resulted in identification of a 15% reduction in time and 11% per annum cost saving.

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