Increased productivity

Improving efficiency in design and engineering

Computer Manufacturer

Directing finite talent and resources to areas that will generate the most value.

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A computer manufacturer wished to reexamine its resource allocation in an effort to boost innovation while maintain manufacturing quality standards—without adding head count. Specifically, it sought to reassign 15 percent of engineering resources from existing PC products to new growth areas.

Insight and Action

QuantumBlack combined data from 15 disparate data systems, such as time-sheet records and engineer profiles, as well as offline data sources. We then tested more than 150 hypotheses for how to increase the computer manufacturer’s productivity. Through these efforts, we identified 11 key productivity factors for design and engineering, including geographical footprint, team composition, and workflow fragmentation. We operationalised live dashboards and digitised a staffing requirement tool so the company could better staff projects and track project performance.


  • 15Percentreduction in man days identified
  • 10Percentreduction in cost identified