Network management

Improving network monitoring by building early-warning capabilities that improve response times

Advanced Industries, Telecom Networks

Remote networks have created new infrastructure challenges for telecom companies hoping to avoid service disruptions.

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One leading network service provider was seeking to increase its overall network performance—both in urban and rural areas— by building capabilities to predict network outages before they occurr. Remote monitoring capabilities can greatly enhance the ability of telcos to maintain service and avoid disruptions due to equipment failure—an important factor in retaining customers.

Insight and Action

The telco had compiled a large amount of data on network history and fault management. To gain more visibility into network performance and establish a baseline against which to identify disruptions, QuantumBlack analysed around 250 GB (more than 200 million rows) of data from both internal and external sources—including local weather data. Our analysis created a composite KPI consisting of multiple metrics that tracked network performance using multiple KPIs. Based on this metric, we defined periods of network degradation using dynamic thresholds and then built a predictive model that could forecast network degradation up to six hours before it occurred.


  • 40Timesimproved prediction capabilities from “random guess” baseline
  • 279TimesImproved prediction capabilities from the baseline on the rarest, most severe cases of network degradation
  • 60Percentof degradation events detected

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