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Understanding sales force effectiveness

Healthcare, Pharma Sales

Analytics can provide an invaluable window into the sales cycle, giving sales representatives the insight they need to identify potential customers more accurately.

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One leading speciality pharmaceutical company was seeking to gain a better understanding of the performance of its sales force across the process: initiation, active sales, and dormant accounts. Its executives hoped to better quantify its sales force effectiveness—in particular, to initiate first sales more quickly and uncover sales opportunities from otherwise dormant accounts.

Insight and Action

QuantumBlack integrated 20 data sets that the firm had never previously linked or used at all, , such as data from the CRM system, sales, e-mails, and patient diagnostics. Our analysis produced several notable findings: nearly all growth was generated from new physicians; no incremental growth came from the existing physician base; a representative can have a significant effect on the time to first sales; and avoiding account dormancy can result in incremental sales. Based on these findings, we identified sales representative activities and redeployment strategies to increase initiation of sales and avoid account dormancy.


  • 25Percentfaster initiation of first sale
  • 10Percentsales opportunity from avoiding dormant accounts