Product development

Reducing time to market for new-product development through better testing

Advanced Industries, Automotive

The introduction of a new automobile involves the design and engineering of hundreds of parts, each of which must meet the highest standards for quality and durability.

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Due to the large number of variables and inputs, inefficient part design and testing can significantly delay the rollout of new car models, with each extra week adding costs. The newly appointed CEO of an elite automotive organisation discovered that new car model development had grown to 18 months before being ready to market. He wished to determine the causes of delays and set a goal of reducing time to market by 5 percent—or around one month. Doing so presented a £12 million saving opportunity.

Insight and Action

QuantumBlack identified all factors involved in the new-product-development process, including bill of materials and engineering deliverables, and aggregated all relevant data. We mapped multiple data sources to validate and prioritise change scenarios and then created an action plan based on our insights, targeting the release phases of components and reducing engineering churn. We discovered that engineers were not waiting for final design sign-off before producing components. Our solution optimised our client’s team and process design—including team communication— and the company has adopted our process for all subsequent new models.


  • 10Percentreduction in time to market
  • 11Percentreduction in design and engineering costs
  • 6-9Monthreduction in delivery time

These process improvements have cut delivery time of existing products by six to nine months