Sales forecasting

Improving the integrity of the sales pipeline through analytics

Chemicals Distribution, Healthcare

Organisations with dispersed sales forces must often seek new methods to support sales activities.

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A leading chemical distribution firm with $30 billion in revenues was seeking to increase its sales. It wanted to assess its sales pipeline by identifying best practices and improving the prediction accuracy of its sales pipeline.

Insight and Action

To start, we ingested and combined 25 expansive data sets from a sales force of 400 that generated $1.3 billion in annual revenues. We sifted through the data and identified team interaction as a key performance factor that presented an opportunity to increase sales by 6 percent. Additionally, we uncovered patterns among opportunity, pipeline, and customer characteristics that predicted sales outcomes.


  • 80Percentincrease in ability to accurately predict the sales pipeline
  • 6Percentopportunity to increase sales by optimising team interaction